I live in Amsterdam so it’s hard not to like bikes. But I’ve also ridden across the Alps with the The Fireflies & down the Pacific Coast with Fireflies West, raising money for leukaemia & cancer research SIX times. Having achieved this, I really wanted to create something to celebrate this legendary bunch of riders and the spirit of the Fireflies. Fabulous cycle-mad illustrator David Sparshott helped me to round up 12 years of our jerseys and turn them into a poster to commemorate the lucky 13th year of riding, which was in memory of Tony Scott.

[BLOG: Tapping it out on the bike for Fireflies]

I had a friend with a start up; Foffa Bikes in London, and I worked with them on getting the word spread with something disruptive. Turns out an idea I had to guerilla attack the bike logos painted on roadways all over London was the simultaneous brainchild of fellow creative Josh Denton, so we teamed up for the ride (and the dead of the night adventure) and I went spraying with him.

We went out on the night before Boris Johnson opened his first Cycle Superhighway, and then again as he rolled out his Boris Bikes... The cops only asked us what we were up to once - we got more interest from random middle of the night cyclists and local drunks/colourful characters. It was washable chalk of course, but we did get a disgruntled granny call up to harangue the shop, along with some interested punters, so...in that sense it was mission accomplished.