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Under my belt I have 20+ years in the advertising industry as a senior hybrid art/copy creative personage, working in agencies big, medium and small, such as BBH London, 72andSunny Amsterdam, and Antidote, on all manner of projects from film to digital and beyond. Thinking, crafting and making are my fire. To that end, I’ve started my own creative company (of one!) for freelance work, Lovers & Fighters.

[Tattoo Design by Emma ‘Kommandante’ Hedman. Maybe I’ll get it inked.]
Lovers & Fighters is my vehicle to offer myself as a (friendly) gun for hire for freelance creative advertising and marketing solutions to problems for businesses, brands or initiatives. So that might be strategic and creative thinking, conceptual ideas and executions, or the practicals of copywriting and design. They might be projects, loose short-term relationships that lend themselves to my freelance talent, or repeated working together. And with COVID creating a working from home revolution, Lovers & Fighters will operate on the local level from my base in Amsterdam, but technically my services could be applied to any brand, client or agency anywhere in the English-speaking world. (I’m working on my Dutch...]

The company name Lovers & Fighters means that I hold dual values, both equally strong. Lovers means caring about what I do, both in the principles and the details. Fighters means standing up for what I believe in, with respect. So with this creative business, I will fight for what I love, lovingly.

I also have a strong social good streak, often self-initiating projects that feed that itch, and I'm particularly committed to climate action, as a founder of XR Families NL, part of the Extinction Rebellion movement. I also am part of XR’s working Arts Circle and the Creatives For Climate collective. Plus I volunteer coach the next generation through Project Fearless, working to empower girls age 9-14 to find their voices, currently on a STEAM-based Artivism for Climate Action afterschool course.

If you feel like we could work together, then I’d love some fighting talk!
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Lovers & Fighters
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