A girl from London.
Who loves macaroni cheese.
With hidden green peas.

Bike rider daily.
Sometimes over big ass hills.
For cha-ri-dee mate.

Lover, mother. Twice.
Speaker of rusty German.
Spreek nu Nederlands.

I wish the Earth would
Just wake up... Smell burning? Yes!
Our house is on fire.

Working on good things
With good people is all I
Want to do. Shall we?


Laura Visco, ECD at 72andSunny

Working with Mareka has been an absolute pleasure. She excels at making the most difficult briefs, extremely human. She's the type of writer that really makes you feel something with her words. She really gets under the skin of the target audience. Poignant and sharp, but always with a smile, she injects a sense of purpose to everything she does. Hope our paths cross again soon.

Carlo Cavallone, Chief Creative Officer, 72andSunny

The great thing about Mareka is that she cares deeply about everything she does. Her work is an expression of whom she is as a person: smart, thoughtful, empathetic, brave, always looking to inject purpose in her ideas and to bring her personal POV to the world. She's one of the least superficial creatives I have ever worked with and, whatever the project or initiative, she fully commits to it and sticks to it, through thick and thin. Mareka is also a very modern creative. She stays clear from "traditional" solutions, she has a real (and uncommon) understanding of tech and she is never afraid of experimenting with her work - she'll bring the most wonderful and weird thoughts to the table, backed by her understanding of how to turn them into reality. It was great to have Mareka with us at 72 because, apart from her talents and work ethic, she brought a lot of good to our culture - her activism and her kindness towards other humans has been really inspiring.

Mareka has access to a well of words and ideas that does not seem to dry up. No matter what the brief, category or ask is, she has an ability to find herself in it. Making all the work that follows both meaningful and personal. A pure heart, hungry soul and well spoken mind make her an engine that can propel a project forward with enviable inertia. Short copy. Long copy. Supporting ideas. Etc. She is an effusive creative.

Gregg Clampffer, Creative Director, 72andSunny

Mareka is a passionate, kind human who knows how to be additive and help build a company’s culture. I found her to be a competent and responsible client whisperer adept at fast iteration, and great on set running a production. She is an advocate for infusing purpose into work, and brings an artistic sensibility to her writing. She believes in the work she is making and pours herself into it accordingly. I would work with her again, with pleasure.